Hydrovane Videos

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Hydrovane: Operation



Hydrovane: The Installation – Part 1



Hydrovane: The Installation – Part 2




Hydrovane: The Installation – Part 3




Hydrovane Self Steering – Polar Circumnavigator Adrian Flanagan



Sarah and Will sailing HYDROQUEST in Banderas Bay




 Hydrovane on Tradewind 35



Hydrovane on Shannon 38 PH



Hydrovane Performance – light wind, downwind sailing



Hydrovane on Bavaria 38



Running dead downwind in 18 – 20 knots



Wanda at the helm – Beneteau Idylle 11.5



Hydrovane steers a steel cutter rig in force 3 to 4 wind



Hydrovane on Contessa 32



Hydrovane on Spencer 42


Hydrovane on Sadler 34


Hydrovane on Forgus 36, video in swedish


Hydrovane on Tayana Vancouver 42


Echo Tec Watermaker Videos


Watermaker / Yacht Desalination Systems – ECHOTec Yacht Equipment US