Having trouble finding insurance for offshore passages? Is the insurance too expensive? Do you need another crew member in order to be insurable?

The risk of loss of your boat is significantly reduced if it has a Hydrovane. If you already have a Hydrovane perhaps your insurer needs to be reminded of its virtues as one of the best pieces of safety equipment on board:

  • Requires no power ……. well, it gets its power from the wind, not batteries
  • Is a very useful crew member (doesn’t eat, sleep, or talk back!) – will steer tirelessly for weeks on end
  • Is a complete independent steering system – an emergency rudder in place and ‘ready to go’
  • Incredibly reliable – expected to do a circumnavigation without break-down or repair


We shall keep updating the following list of insurance companies that are knowledgeable about offshore sailing and provide better rates or willing to insure shorthanded crew for boats that have self steering – especially for those systems that provide complete back-up emergency steering – like Hydrovane.

Don’t hesitate to point your insurer to the Emergency Steering page of our website.

If you know of a company that should be on the list please email us with the information and we shall be happy to post the information.