HANDLE A CIRCUMNAVIGATON AND MORE – We have always told anyone who asked that we stand behind our product 100% and would do whatever is needed to rectify any problem – after all our reputation depends on it. We fully expect any Hydrovane to handle a circumnavigation with no breakages from normal operation and suffer only the following minimal wear:

  • Vane covers – only lasts so long in the sun
  • Drive sleeve – value $10 or so – has wear grooves – can be ‘end for ended’ or replaced
  • Bottom Bearing – value $20 or so – will be worn – still can could handle more miles but good to replace
  • New Mid Bushing and Top Bearing will need replacement over time – nominal cost

Otherwise, after a circumnavigation, the complete unit should be as sound as when first acquired. We happily provide replacements at no cost for any breakages or faults that are a result of manufacturing deficiencies or failures in normal operation. Of course, damage caused by collisions or impact from any source or extraordinary acts of nature are the responsibility of the owner. As well, depreciation from exposure to the elements and high usage are expected – but it will take years and thousands of miles for significant deterioration.