ECHO Tec Watermaker


Hydrovane International Marine Inc. partnered with Echo Tec watermakers in 2006. A product that we believe is the best out there, we have the ability to sell WORLDWIDE. All sales are shipped directly from the Trinidad factory to the customer – with technical support, parts and service provided by the full resources of both Echo Tec and Hydrovane. Let us help you install a high quality watermaker that is both practical and reliable … at the best price!

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To provide ‘completely reliable, highest quality, watermakers at the best price’.


After years of repairing watermakers for frustrated customers and with his background of engineering large commercial desalination plants, Michael Bauza of Echo Marine in Trinidad was determined to develop hybrid water makers using the best of components from Europe and the US.

“We do not put desalination systems together by buying parts available to everyone. We do exactly what Siemens or Sony does. We engineer a machine, have suppliers build components to our specifications, manufacture certain parts ourselves using the best materials and assemble the ECH2OTec watermaker using the highest quality control.”


RELIABLE – Using only the best equipment in a practical configuration – Over engineered to achieve highest tolerances – Neither short cuts nor inferior components!  

PRACTICAL – Lowest probability of failure – No ‘black box’ circuit boards – Operated by manual switches, diverter handles and sight gauges


For singlehanders up to mega yachts: Any power source:

  • Engine driven DC – 12, 24, 36, 48 Volt
  • AC – 115, 230, 460 Volt at 60Hz, or 220, 380  440 Volt at 50Hz

All sizes and configurations:

  • Yacht Series
  • Commercial Series
  • Beach House Series
  • Pro Series

Fully customizable:

  • Modular
  • Framed


While many manufacturers are satisfied by simply assembling standard off-the-shelf parts, ECHO Tec engineers design into our product more    proprietary components than most watermaker companies, in order to achieve ultimate reliability, performance and cost efficient operation. COST EFFICIENCY – What makes ECHO Tec the practical choice for cruisers as   well as commercial users is that all innovative system components are built  to allow the use of widely available off-the-shelf consumables and spares.

Proprietary System Components Designed to Eliminate Common Problems/Deficiencies: 


  • Custom built duplex stainless steel high pressure pump heads for ultimate corrosion resistance, guaranteed for life vs. 316SS or bronze.
  • Premium efficiency high pressure pump motors are epoxy primed and polyurethane top coated vs. single component painted standard motors.
  • All ECHO Tec high pressure pump/motor units are anti-vibration mounted with engineered soft vibration dampers – dramatically reduces noise transfer into the hull.
  • AUTOMATIC PRESSURE REGULATOR FOR ENGINE MOUNTED PUMPS – Custom Duplex spring loaded automatic pressure regulators for constant operating pressure at changing engine RPM’s with single O-ring seal vs. 316SS needle valves that require operation at fixed RPM, over pressure shut off devices and packings to be service.


  • Custom built duplex stainless steel high pressure fittings for material consistence throughout the system vs. 316SS and/or bronze.
  • Custom built leak free O-ring sealed high pressure fittings vs. standard compression fittings.
  • Custom build large radius 90 degree high pressure fittings connect directly to hoses and components for low flow restriction vs. multiple NPT adaptors with 90 degree standard elbows.
  • CUSTOM CUT LENGTH OF HIGH PRESSURE HOSES – Field attachable high pressure fittings for clean do-it-yourself installations vs. standard supplied hose lengths with crimped fittings.


  • Custom engineered pressure vessels guaranteed for life, built with glass fiber reinforced epoxy and duplex end plug components.
  • No seizing or cracking of stainless steel bolts or retaining rings in contact with supporting aluminum parts – which is a common problem with standard GRP/aluminum/316SS vessels.
  • Custom O-ring sealed high pressure ports with threaded duplex backing plates on all pressure vessels.
  • No cracking plastic end plugs due to over tightened NPT high pressure fittings.

4. STAINLESS BRACKETS – 316 stainless steel custom filter housing brackets for ultimate corrosion resistance vs. painted aluminum or mild steel.

5. CONTROL PANEL – 316 stainless control panel vs. painted aluminum panels that easily corrode in contact with stainless gauges and valves (no mix of metals.)