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John & Karen, Will & Sarah at the Seattle Boat Show, 2013




January 2015: Introducing the Hydromax 150 Fuel Cell Battery Charger

Fuel cells have been around for a long time, although only recently marketed specially for marine use. They are small electrochemical devices that directly convert the chemical energy of a continuous reaction into electrical energy – safely, quietly, and without excessive generation of heat. 

The HYDROMAX 150 is an excellent complement to other methods of green power generation on a cruising boat.  It is a quiet and reliable way to produce 12V power, anytime and anywhere.

The HYDROMAX 150 is unique because:

  • It uses no flammable fuel (no methanol)
  • The mixing of two very safe components – a salt and an acid (malic acid, which is found in fruit and used as a food additive) – provides the chemical reaction
  • These fuels are shipped and stored in dried powder form
  • Can produce over 300 Amps in a 24 Hour period

Hydrovane Intentional Marine Inc. (manufacturer of the Hydrovane self steering windvane) is now the sole North American distributor for the HYDROMAX 150. Learn more here


Fuel Cell Battery Charger


November 2013: Achieving a dream… Sailing into Sydney Harbour

In December 2011, Sarah and Will Curry purchased their first boat in Mexico: a Beneteau First 405 ‘Hydroquest’. They covered 12,000 nautical in two years: within Mexico, the ‘Pacific Puddle Jump’, and through many idyllic South Pacific island groups. In November 2013 they sailed into Sydney Harbour, Australia, which had been a dream for many years. 

Read about their adventures on Sarah’s blog: http://svhydroquest.com/

Will and Sarah sail towards the Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Will and Sarah sail towards the Harbour Bridge, Sydney


2013, 2014, and 2015: Seminar ‘Mexico to Australia: A Two Year Plan’

Check Boat Show Page for next presentation 

Sarah and Will, Vancouver Boat Show2


August 2012: Windvane Renaissance

“…the windvane will make a comeback as a new generation of eco-aware sailors begin to reassess the value of simplicity and a brilliant piece of kit that needs no power.”  quote from David Glenn, Editor of Yachting World – August 2012.

Uku Randmaa (uku@morgander.ee) of Estonia’s Hanse 430. Taken during his 2012 solo circumnavigation.